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Horse boarding

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your equine partner is well cared for in a facility that emphasizes caring for horses in the most appropriate way. All horses enjoy lots of time outside and high quality hay as the main source of nutrition. We offer specialty options for hard keepers, easy keepers or horses prone to founder, insulin resistance or equine metabolic disease. All boarding includes access to our 75x150 ft indoor arena with heated viewing area, tack room, 90x210 ft outdoor arena, and access to our outdoor trail obstacle course as well as eventing course.

horse general outdoor.jpg

General outdoor board

$320 (openings)

Includes outdoor boarding with access to fresh water, minerals, run in shed, and high quality hay on a round bale 24/7, as well as use of facilities

hard keeper.jpg

Hard keeper outdoor board

$450 (full)

Includes outdoor board in our hard keeper lot with water and run in shed. Horses there have unlimited access to high quality grass or grass/alfalfa mix hay, with no hay net or extra large holes. Also includes custom feeding once per day in our feeding stations (owner supplies supplements and any special grain, up to 1 scoop our grain included and horse must be able come to station and finish in 30 minutes).  Perfect for Thoroughbreds, older horses, and others that have higher caloric needs. 

horse indoor board.jpg

Indoor board

$550 (full)

12 indoor generously sized indoor stalls are available, ranging from 10x 12 to 14x12 in size. Indoor boarding includes daily turnout or reverse turnout, free choice hay while on turnout, small bales fed while stabled and twice per day customized grain mixture up to 6 lbs. Supplements or special feed owners provide can also be fed once a day.

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