Riding Lessons

Lessons for beginners, as well as advanced dressage and jumping lessons

Enjoy learning about riding and caring for horses, or advance your riding skills with one of our experienced instructors. All of our lessons are structured according to German Riding School principles, emphasizing a safe and structured approach to riding and horsemanship.

Beginner Longe Line lessons


We recommend beginners start out with lessons on the longe line, which helps novice riders establish a safe seat in a controlled environment with the instructor controlling the horse. Establishing a balanced seat is the foundation of any riding. Beginner lessons are 45 minutes long, consisting of learning to prepare and tack the horse for riding, riding on the longe line, and taking care of the horse after the ride. Suitable for ages kindergarten and up.

Email us or schedule lessons by clicking here.

Beginner - Advanced Group lessons


Group lessons are offered in sets of 4, usually monthly. We offer beginner and advanced beginner small groups of 2-4 riders weekday evenings, $119-150 for the 4 week small group.  Groups will start again in July. 

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Sarah Edwards runs special topic advanced 4 week group lessons a few times a year, email us to be notified of advanced groups. These focus on dressage, stadium jumping and/or cross country eventing.  $150 for special topics groups.

Private lessons

$40 -$60

Advancing riders enjoy the focused attention offered by private lessons. Private lessons can be scheduled with any instructor, and are available for dressage, jumping, or all around skills.

Email us to set up lessons or schedule online here

Jumping & Cross Country

$50 (semi private) - $70 (private)

Riders who can keep a balanced seat while controlling the horse at the walk, trot and canter, can begin jumping. Jumping lessons are available as group lessons once per week, private, or semi-private lessons.


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